How to handle questions on Poor Academics, Career Gap or Left the JOB ?

Don’t know how to handle these questions well

Are you using BS tactics to answer these questions ?

I know you might be using it because I used to do it all the time and I see students do it all the time.

When I first learned the approach to answer these questions, it took me a lot of time and introspection but eventually I did it. I didn’t have to fear those questions again.

If you choose to use it , you will never have to worry about these questions ever again.

These approaches are called
1. Pre-framing (works in certain cases)
2. Re-framing (A.R.M.S.) Works in almost all the cases

A.R.M.S. is an acronym. I learned it from Ramit Sethi.

A = Agree (or Acknowledge)
R = Re-frame
M = Make the Case
S = Shut Up & Listen

Want to know how I used this approach in my NM and IIMs interview ?
Watch the video below.

I also talk about various types of re-frames which you can do.

At the end of the video, I talk about a case study of a student who scored more than 99.5%ile (received calls from IIM-A, B and C) I help her to justify the career gap.

You can learn this approach very well from this video, in case if you want me to help you re-framing your own answers (It can be tricky sometimes and if you also want to learn from 3 more such different cases) check out GD WAT PI Revolution Comprehensive

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