Arranged Marriage or Love Marriage ?

How do you know when someone had love marriage or arranged marriage ?

It’s simple.

When marriage update pops up on your facebook wall, click on “See Relationship“, what do you see ?

Did they just become friends 3-6 months before marriage. Probably an arranged marriage.

If that is not the case, look for their engagement date, see if they became friends just 3-6 months before engagement. Probably an arranged marriage.

This works wonderfully well in most of the cases if not all.

Let’s play a fun game. Want to find if any of your friends did Arranged or Love Marriage ?

Use this link

And replace it with the names of prospective partners

And see the magic like this

Oh wow, they are friends for long time..more than 2 years, probably love marriage.

Less than a year, probably an Arranged Marriage.

However, I don’t think love marriages are more successful or otherwise but that’s not the point.

There is striking similarity, when I reliably know how someone’s interview is going to be. It is not 100% accurate. It gives you pretty good idea.

How ?

By glancing at their SOPs or reading their Interview Answers.

YES. This is much more reliable test than Arranged or Love marriage test.

Just reading few answers or few statements in their SOP, I can get pretty good idea. This has nothing to do with percentile as most students believe.

Yes, if you have better percentile, the chances of you writing bad SOP or Interview answers reduce to some extent but not that much as you might think.

So how to improve your odds of converting the calls ? By improving your SOP and Interview Answers.

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