WOW Your Interviewer
Learn Irresistible Intrigue Formula
Do you tend to get blank in Actual Interview ?
Do you lose confidence whenever confronted with difficult question ?
Do you find it difficult to answer Why MBA and Tell me something about yourself Question ?
Express yourself without Fear
Bypass Logical Mind of the Interviewer
Harness the Power of Irresistible Hooks
Engage with Hypnotic Story Loops
Bypass Logical Mind of the Interviewer
I was a little bit skeptical when I joined the course about its effectiveness. But you removed all my doubts today. I did follow your previous lessons to a little extent, but the SOP lesson and Personal Interview modules helped me immensely.
Aravindh P G
IIM Ahmedabad 2015-17
SOP tips were really helpful. At first I was wondering how to write even 200 words, forget about 600 words but then your tips really helped. And when I read your SOP, I just started out with mine and I ended up having written way more than 600 words
Divyashree Panda
IIM Bangalore 2015-17
Even though I was not part of your course, you really helped me with Interview Tips. I still remember the day when we talked more than an hour and you helped me a lot on every SOP Prep Trick and Interview Cracking Techniques that helped me crack IIM-Bangalore at 82.9% of CAT Percentile.
It was the Approach of telling stories in Interview. I coupled every answer with an interesting anecdote and the panel loved it
T.V. (name not disclosed as per request)
IIM Bangalore 2016-18 Batch
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