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3 Step Formula to Answer Almost Any Interview Question
Written by Sukrut
Answering Interview Questions doesn't have to be hard especially when you learn the framework to handle almost any question
This formula is so simple that, once mastered anybody can use it to answer almost any question even if he/she hasn't prepared for the same question. All you need is little practice.

In a moment, I will tell you about these 3 steps explaining each step briefly.

Most people approach Personal Interview totally wrong way. They prepare for Frequently Asked Questions like "Why MBA?" "Why this Institute?" "Tell me something about yourself" "What are your strengths?" "What's your biggest weakness?" etc.

Most people prepare standard, boring and trite responses for it, then they rehearse it till they memorize it and then they try to recall the same thing in actual interview.

What happens then ?

Just look at this example

Interviewer P1: Tell us about a decision you have regretted making.

Me: Can I have some time to think?

Interviewer: Sure, the whole point of this interview is to make you think.

Me: Started giving them a prepared answer. Was cut short by P2

Another situation

Interviewer: Tell us about yourself.

Me: Told. Was cut short when I started about my job.

Interviewer: Don't give me the same thing which is already mentioned in your form, wanting to be in a position of responsibility, having ownership in an organization and influencing decision making process, we hear it so many times from everyone, say something from hear.

Another one

Interviewer: Tell me what do you want us to ask ? How do you want your interview to be ?

ME: I am OK with anything! Do you want to know about me

Interviewer: Hey! Then you have prepared for it. I will not ask any question which you have prepared for

The reason this kind of situation happens because of three reasons.

1. You didn't understand question behind the question

2. You were too predictable and boring.

3. You didn't deliver your response in the right fashion (you lacked practice)

This happens with most people and I am going to show you 3 step process anyone can use to stop these things happening in the first place. I learned it from Ramit Sethi

First Step is Understand Question behind the Question

It means getting into interviewers head to understand what he/she is really looking answer for.

Don't answer the surface level question, go deep. I explain this using very simple model called "Empathy Mapping"

Finish this 30 second survey to learn this technique.
If you are asked this question

1. Tell me about your biggest weakness?

The question behind the question is

1. What's your biggest weakness and how do you intend to develop in this area?

2. Tell me about your biggest mistake or failure

The question behind the question is

2. Tell me about your biggest mistake and what you've learned from it

This step works almost every single time and it forces you to identify real question your interviewer is asking.

Second step is Prepare your answer in plain English

After understanding question behind the question you need to prepare answer in plain English.

You don't need to use big buzzwords, jargons, acronyms, superficial language and vague words. Your answers should be positive and professional.

Just see at these responses .This is the problem happens with most people.

Don't use words most people use in their SOPs.

1. Zest

2. Solution driven analytic approach

3. Efficacious member of the top management cadre

4. imbibing management principles

5. brand equity

There is nothing wrong in using some of these phrases/words but most of these words are written or said with no strong reason behind it, they are just written/said to sound intelligent , just to show off their Pseudo-"ORATORY PROWESS". (I hope you get the point)

Everything you say/write should rightly earn its place. If it doesn't, don't include it.

Third step is Practice to Perfection.

Don't ignore this step just because it looks so simple. Most people ignore this step, they just skip it, thinking if they just do first or first 2 steps correctly, then they wont need anything else.

This is a pretty big mistake.

If you use this principle while you practice for your interview, then your results will be totally different. Your chances to convert specific B-school call will go through the roof.

I have created a facebook group for those who are seriously preparing for GD/WAT/PI. I share unconventional yet highly effective advice which I don't share anywhere else on my blog or emails. Here is link to join the group for free. GD/WAT/PI Preparation by MBA Ka Keeda

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There is another element, it's not mentioned here. It will help you to make your answer more interesting and engaging.

How would you make your response more interesting and engaging ?

You do that through strategic & hypnotic story-telling. This method has another advantages like stories are by default are easy to remember and you stand out from all those people who blurt out memorized and rehearsed responses.

I have brainstormed a formula called "Irresistible Intrigue Formula", you can use it to make significant impact in your interview. it gets attention of your interviewer with irresistible Hook and then engage them with Intrigue Story Loop.

Learn this formula for FREE here

Irresistible Intrigue Formula

About Author: Sukrut

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Joydeep Sarkar
NMIMS Convert

I subscribed pretty late to your course and hence couldn't optimally make use of it.
However, I read through the whole material and especially made use of facing the interview part.I have converted NMIMS and definitely you had a big role to play in it.I introspected a lot and zeroed on to my short term and long term goals.I stuck to it throughout my interview.I guess the panel liked the clarity on my part.
As I already have 5 years of work ex, I may not join NMIMS. I intend to apply for ISB next fall.The interview and essays are going to play a major role there and I want to start preparing for it right now.I will start from scratch using your material.I may need your help.I believe it is one of the best material I have come across.Thanks a lot for your help.

Niharika Anand
NITIE 2015-17

GD/WAT/PI Revolution course has been very helpful for me.
The course material is detailed and with good examples.
SOP chapter was very helpful in writing succinct answers.
PI chapter honed my skills to tackle all  interview questions and feel confident while answering them.
Essay writing chapters were very well explained about how to construct a good essay in just 20 minutes.
Your on-call support to help with all the doubts was indeed very helpful.
This course has given me deep insight into myself and improved self confidence.

Mayank Tewari

Definitely your help, your approach is than different conventional teaching methods and way better for approaching the interviews.
I didn't have much time but I took the main hints like not being too general in interviews, having supportive stories for whatever you mention, having that balanced approach for writing WAT; some of the things which helped me in a short time.
I have an interview on Monday for SJMSOM so can't interact and learn more as much as I want to but there is no doubt that if done with enough prep time on your side, your material can be of great help to anyone.

Aravindh P G
IIM A 2015-17

I was a little bit skeptical when I joined this course about its effectiveness. But you removed all my doubts today. (I did follow your previous lessons to a little extent, but the SOP lesson and Personal Interview modules helped me immensely)

In fact, when I sent the first draft to my coaching center sir ( I joined last June for my CAT prep.) he told me it was fine :|
He did not recommend any changes to it. You had given me an honest feedback and it looks better now.

I would not have believed that my SOP will look this neat, had you mentioned me the same, some 5 days back. I really thank you for transforming my SOP in a matter of 2 days.

I am now starting your essay writing lesson.I am looking forward towards the next set of lessons from you!

Divyashree Panda
IIM B 2015-17

SOP tips were really helpful. At first I was wondering how to write even 200 words, forget about 600 words but then your tips really helped. And when I read your SOP, I just started out with mine and I ended up having written way more than 600 words